Facial Reflexology



The benefits of Facial Reflexology are similar to those of any other Reflexology treatment, which means that Facial Reflexology can aid relaxation, improve sleep, provide relief from tension, anxiety and stress, boost energy levels and give an improved sense of general well being.

However, Facial Reflexology also has the wonderful advantage of including a deeply soothing facial massage, which works to release tension and free constrictions within the facial muscles and connective tissue. This stimulates blood flow and allows drainage of the lymphatic system.

When tension in the face is released, it can result in a much smoother, brighter complexion. So, not only will Facial Reflexology will leave you feeling thoroughly relaxed, with the assistance of some soothing massage techniques and gorgeous organic facial oils, it will also give you a lovely glow. A series of treatments can also help provide a reduction in lines, wrinkles and an improvement in skin tone. It’s also the perfect treatment to counteract the effects of a busy, stressful lifestyle!